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Online Appointment Services

eAppointment PRO is an application which automates your appointment scheduling without need of a secretary. This state of the art service elevates your web site quality and also helps you to manage your costs and budget.

In this service, you have the ability to set different time frames for your appointments or absence/vacation times and your clients will make appointment based on your schedule.

Here are just some of the advantages of this application:

- Different appointment time frames are provided, multiples of 15 minutes, up to as long as your business requires;

- Multiple departments or even office locations are supported;

- Access your appointments from any computer, anytime, 24/7;

- Email group reminder to your clients;

- Provides complete list of appointments and cancellations for the specified date and department;

- Both User and Administration Interface are very easy to use;

- Free unlimited training and support is available on this application;

- The only application with all these specifications on the net.

We will talk over it with in details and make it the way that it suits your needs.

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